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Fur & Feathers Fashion Trend

Fur & Feathers: Where the Wild Things Are!

OK so the winter is on its way and its cold and we all know when it’s cold we don’t feel like showing off our little black dresses but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be stylish and trendy!
This winter fur is on track again and it is more popular than ever before. Not only does fur look chic and fashionable, it is also warm! Great News!
Add fur or feathers to any outfit and make a Queen out of any woman. However, you don’t need to dress head to toe in them to be down with the trend!

If you don’t feel like wearing a completely fur coat you could think of buying a coat with a fur collar or adding a fur accessory to an outfit to finish it off. You’ll be able to find all sorts of accessories trimmed with fur this season from hats and gloves to boots and bags.
And what about feathers? Wearing too much can run the risk of making us look like a swan, so feather details are best for this one. Think feather edges on dresses and skirts to create an elegant look. A feathered accessory or jewellery is a fantastic way to invest in this trend.You don’t have to spend a fortune on genuine fur and feathers but remember that nothing looks worse than a cheaply made fur garment (whether genuine or faux), so invest accordingly and go ahead and have fun with the rest of the flock!

Coming Soon: Get great looks with fur and feather!

sexta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2009

Pink for October

The October month is a very important month for me because it's the Breast Cancer's month. The Pink for October Campaign have already saved some Women's and Men's lifes and I decided to make a contest about this absolutely Fashion Pink clothes!

First, let's take a look to the Pink of October store:
(There is no shirt but it is avaible on StarPlaza; Technical problem)

The clothes are very sophisticated it they are an absolutely must-have for this fall. I like specially the scarf and the missing shirt from this new collection.

About the contest I decided to do, here is what you need to do:

The contest ends in 23rd October. If you win, you'll get the whole collection from Pink for October plus 50$. You will be also interviewed for Women Fashion Blog talking about the Breast Cancer.

Sign up in comments, telling us your Stardoll name and don't forget to Print Screen your outfit!

Please comment and follow us! What do you think about Breast Cancer? Do you think Pink for October is doing a good job?

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Stardoll Knitwear

Knitwear is a must have in fall, I'm going to bring you some of the best knitwear on stardoll today.
Following on from MissCunha's post.. chunky and over sized cardigans are still proving to be in style this winter.

(All items above can be found in the starbazaar)

Left outfit - Superstar

Hilary cardigan - $9 at Stardoll
Dark Wash Denims - $14 at Miss Sixty (Fall)
Print Top - $7 at Evil Panda
Beaded Platforms - $15 at Miss Sixty (S/S)

Right outfit - Non-Superstar

Cardigan - $5 at Stardoll
Skinny Jeans - $7 at Mudd for Kohl's
Face Boyfriend Tee - $10 at Abbey Dawn for Kohl's
Multi strap Stilettos - $5 at Bisou

quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2009

New Season Women's Cardigans

Today I thought I would put together a collection of the best cardigans for the new season from around the Internet. As all of us girl’s know, the cardigan and knitwear in general is crucial for the new cold seasons for us to look great and also keep warm! Cardigans are amazingly versatile and provide great layering options in any situation each Autumn/Winter. With the weather officially sucking right now, there has never been a better time to get your hands on a great new cardigan.

I have seen so many great varieties available for the new season with everything from slouchy, belted, boyfriend, over sized and drape cardigans all coming in so many cuts, styles and colours. It has never been a better time for women’s knitwear and here at Women Fashion Blog I am loving the over sized boyfriend cardigans a LOT as well as the big thick chunky versions which are nearly an outfit in itself. Team with some leggings and belt the cardigan across the middle to give you a super sexy and effortless look that emphasises all the right places.

To style the cardigan in other ways you need to think about the look you are going for. It is such a versatile piece of clothing and really is a fashion essential for any woman. The cardigan can act in place of a jacket or coat, if you oversize it slightly and really go to town on the layering beneath it. For a more casual look, wear it over a graphic t-shirt or vest and rock the skinny jeans underneath. You could even bring some chic to the basic cardigan by wearing it over a shirt/blouse with some dark trousers or a pencil skirt. Power dressing is really in right now and the pencil skirt mixed with a beautiful piece of knitwear will really hit this look on the head without being to “stuffy”.

So check out some of the greatest new cardigans I have found from the high street and premium designers below.

New Season Women's Cardigans

segunda-feira, 12 de outubro de 2009

Hot Fashion Colous Combination - Blue and Black

This year’s hottest colour combination is red and black – as I featured last week about Vera Wang dress. Another has burst onto the scene recently which I absolutely love, again pairing black with a bold statement colour… Blue. This was actually a massive trend through this year’s Spring/Summer seasons and it has stayed strong throughout all the early Autumn/Winter releases.

Many celebrities have been seen rocking the trend with Lauren Conrad leading the way in an amazing colour blocking panel dress mixing with a dark edgy leather jacket. Perfectly executed and right on trend, this combination of colours is such a hit – and the leather jacket is this season’s must have item. I love how she adds a really bold splash of colour and then tones down the rest of the outfit in black to make it really stand out and become a focal point. So mix a bright blue with black jacket and accessories to really stand out from the crowd.

Be brave when picking your shades of blue and don’t be afraid to go really bold as you can control it with good use of black pieces surrounding it. I particularly like Cobalt blue and think it looks really refreshing this season.

So take a look at some of the great new pieces that you can mix with standard black pieces or those that combine the colours to do all the work for you!

COMING SOON - Get some Blue and Black outfits to look always stunning!

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Women Fashion Blog has a NEW WRITER!

That is SO true!
Women Fashion Blog has now a New Official Writer who has a great sense of style and every outfit from her just colour my day! Warm welcomes to xLou26!

I'm very happy to have here as writer. She will post some articles as soon as possible and here is her banner (I did it):

xLou26 is a very talented girl and one of my best friends. She will do a wonderful job here at Women Fashion Blog! Please comment and say welcome to Lou!

Thank You everyone! Please comment and follow!

Steal Her Style - Kylie Minogue

With her sister Dannii very much in the public eye at the moment due to X-Factor – and looking amazing I must say – I thought I would show some love to the older sister who hasn’t been around so much recently. Kylie is definitely one of our favourite style icons and celebrities as a whole, especially with how she dealt with cancer (and beat it!) and how classy she was throughout her whole break up with Olivier Martin a few years back.

She is no slouch in the fashion stakes either as you can see from the images above. Today I have 2 outfits which are inspired by Lipsy’s new collections and they both are totally different but totally amazing! The first is a glam night time look which is so simple but really effective. The dress totally makes this look work on it’s own as it is such a statement. Bold colours and a great mix in palette really takes this colour blocking to a new level. I also LOVE the asymmetric detailing which is a really big trend right now and will continue right the way through Autumn/Winter.

Of course you can dress this outfit up with the right accessories… I would keep the shoes and clutch purse really simple with black statement items and then add some great sparkling jewellery in order to give off that “star” vibe.
The second outfit is a really good example of power dressing mixed with the rock glam trend. A great pencil skirt mixed with a simple top looks very chic but also very formal/work like. I brighten this whole look up with a bright scarf and add an “edge” with a great leather jacket. Add the large bag in order to give the outfit more of a relaxed vibe and pair with simple black sandals.

Get Kylie Minogue style in StarPlaza:

You can be always trendy and fashionable like Kylie Minogue. In StarPlaza, you have a full collection of beautiful bags in baby phat, you have an unique collection of dresses and shoes in Bisou and very original scarfs in Miss Sixty!

Here are the prices:

- Olsen Twins leather jacket, Stardoll - 6$

- Black Summer Dress, Bisou - 7$

- Tassel Scarf, Miss Sixty - 8$

- Soft Grey leather Bag, baby phat - 12$

- Strappy sandal, Stardoll - 4$

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Women's Fashion Trend - Checks and Plaid

I mentioned a few weeks ago that check shirts are going to be a BIG deal this Autumn/Winter and now it seems with each new collection that comes out I'm seeing more and more check and plaid patterns within all clothing pieces. I have seen checked dresses, skirts, tees and jackets over the last few weeks and can now confirm it has turned into a full blown trend!

I absolutely LOVE the whole cowboy check theme here at Women Fashion Blog and know that the boys are going through the exact same trend as well this Autumn/Winter. Matching check shirts anyone?! I am particularly in love with the check skirts available and think they would look amazing with a simple vest top and cowboy boots during the day. You could even dress them up with statement heels and a sexy top for a killer night time look – if you have got it, then flaunt it!

So check out the latest collections below which feature bags, dresses, skirts and jackets all in this season’s hottest pattern!

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Runway Look - Dynasty Trend

I have just seen some amazing new items in recent collections that have taken their styling straight off the Autumn/Winter catwalk previews earlier this year. Dynasty is a new trend that you need to get on board with this season, and it is a true throwback to the whole 1980’s Dynasty look. So think Joan Collins in her prime and work those shoulder pads, hard edges, sequins and the sky high heels! A totally glamorous style which is so eye catching to look at.

This look comes right off the runways of Roksanda Ilincic, Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Stella McCartney. The main trend setter however was Balmain – who got in there early and really threw everything into the trend. With some amazing blue sequin hard frame dresses, asymmetric sharp shoulders and true 80’s glamour, the whole show was critically acclaimed. Check the catwalk photos above for some of Balmain’s greatest creations.

I LOVE this look here at Women Fashion Blog because it is a truly retro trend without looking dated. Bringing the items bang up to date with asymmetric shapes, clean lines and beautiful detailing means you will stand out in the crowd whilst still looking hot and fashion forward. Remember to be bold and pick bright prints to really make a statement.

Check out some of the best items we have seen this year below.

Dynasty Trend Clothing

How can I be a Dynasty Fashionista in Stardoll?

Stardoll has created some fabulous clothing in StarPlaza and the main store with ALL Dynasty Trend Clothing is absolutely LIMITED EDITION!

Here are some of my favourite outfits for this new Autumn/Winter trend:

Women Fashion Blog in The Magazine!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I came to Stardoll!
The Stardoll Admin published an article about Women Fashion Blog in the Magazine. I'm very very happy and I hope this blog become an inspiration to every girl on Stardoll.

I received lots of compliments about my blog and I'm so happy for all the kind words! We have now more than 30 followers and over almost 5000 visits!

See here below some picks from The Magazine:

See all about Women Fashion Blog in the Magazine here.

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