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Fur & Feathers Fashion Trend

Fur & Feathers: Where the Wild Things Are!

OK so the winter is on its way and its cold and we all know when it’s cold we don’t feel like showing off our little black dresses but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be stylish and trendy!
This winter fur is on track again and it is more popular than ever before. Not only does fur look chic and fashionable, it is also warm! Great News!
Add fur or feathers to any outfit and make a Queen out of any woman. However, you don’t need to dress head to toe in them to be down with the trend!

If you don’t feel like wearing a completely fur coat you could think of buying a coat with a fur collar or adding a fur accessory to an outfit to finish it off. You’ll be able to find all sorts of accessories trimmed with fur this season from hats and gloves to boots and bags.
And what about feathers? Wearing too much can run the risk of making us look like a swan, so feather details are best for this one. Think feather edges on dresses and skirts to create an elegant look. A feathered accessory or jewellery is a fantastic way to invest in this trend.You don’t have to spend a fortune on genuine fur and feathers but remember that nothing looks worse than a cheaply made fur garment (whether genuine or faux), so invest accordingly and go ahead and have fun with the rest of the flock!

Coming Soon: Get great looks with fur and feather!

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  1. Yes, fur does set a woman apart and there are a few designers that understand the modern craft of treating quality pelts as they do textiles. We as a fur boutique are so delighted with your portrayal of this fine fashion statement. In todays economy what better way to approach your wardrobe than as an investment and in the fur garment industry you get what you pay for and you get some magnificent stuff if you do your homework. Our designer German Shalumov is Russian and he comes from a fur dynasty that started with the Czars back in 1870. With time tested family traditions and the most modern treatments he is breaking ground and setting trends that are simply un-approachable. A chic and functional winter coat does now exist without the burden of that Sasquatch look.

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