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Autumn/Winter 2010 Fashion Trend - The Cape

The cape has made a big comeback for Autumn/Winter 2010 and has been given a modern transformation as well. The cape coat has long been in and out of women’s fashion, but this season there has been a large backing by not only the premium designer houses, but the high street as well. Yes, the cape is about to become mainstream, and I think it is a perfect way to update your Autumn/Winter wardrobe this year.

The cape is fun, versatile and is THE ultimate “throw on and go” piece. This can be used in all your casual outfits these coming seasons and if you pick the right colour, it can easily be adapted to any trend you throw at it. For this reason I am recommending you pick timeless colours such as black, grey and navy or the new camel colours (which are a big trend piece). Try to keep detailing subtle, and it will allow you to pair it with any item you have in your wardrobe in order to create new outfits and looks on the fly as the new trends develop.

Capes on the Runways
As you can see below, many of the major premium designers featured capes in their A/W 10 previews. Below you will find examples from Alexander Wang, Etro, Missoni, Yves Saint Laurent, Celine, Rag & Bone, Jaeger London and many more. They came in all styles, shapes and sizes, which means there is bound to be one which matches your wardrobe and flatters your figure:

How to Wear!
While the runway looks above can provide inspiration to how to adapt trends to our wardrobe, often they are not accessible to the everyday woman’s sense of style or even body shape. However the cape is wonderfully versatile and can be paired with what you already have in your wardrobe. For day time looks, think about throwing the cape on over a simple top or knitwear should the weather be cold. Use skinny jeans, shorts, pencil, a-line or even mini skirts for your bottom half as they will all look great against the contrast of the cape’s volume on the top half. Cape coats create a really dramatic top heavy silhouette that cannot fail to be noticed.

If you want to add some chic for a nightime date or event, then simply throw your cape on over the top of a badydoll or statement dress, match with heels and clutch – you have an elegant look with has an added edge and high fashion feel to it. Plus it will subtly show off just enough flesh on your bottom half to keep eyes firmly on you.

Get them!
There are plenty of fashionable capes on StarPlaza. All you have to do is, choose the right cape for your body type! Some capes on StarPlaza are so versatile and can be used differently on what you have on your wardrobe! Accessories are just perfect for some cape outfits but never too much. Find here below the capes will make you a total diva:

Oufit nº1:
  • Bisou - Draped Cape Jkt - 9$ stardollars
  • RIO - Dark Slim Fit Jeans - 6$ stardollars
  • LIMITED EDITION - Tubular Shoulder Shirt - 65$ stardollars
  • Decades - Lace-Up Boots - 6$ stardollars
Outfit nº2:
  • LIMITED EDITION - Zebra Shimmer Shawl Top - 85$ stardollars
  • Bisou - Stretch Jeans - 5$ stardollars
  • RIO - Stacked Ankle Boots - 5$ stardollars
Outfit nº3:
  • Stardoll - Everyday Long Blazer - 6$ stardollars
  • Bisou - Stretch Jeans - 5$ stardollars
  • High Heeled Boots w/ Scrunched Down Socks - 9$ stardollars
  • LIMITED EDITION - Tubular Shoulder Shirt - 65$ stardollars

Thank you for reading this post, feel free to get involved below and let me know whether you agree or disagree with this article. Do you like the products selected? Have anything extra you would like to add? Add your comments and make yourself heard!

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New LE Fall 2010 Store!

Everything started with EXCLUSIVE NEWS from Stardoll Royalty club, LE NEWS!

The brand new collection of LIMITED EDITION has arrived and milions of Stardoll Members had been waiting for this amazing season of the year. The collection is absolutely fabulous and it is totally different from the others previous collections of LE; brocade cycling shorts, pleated kilt-cum-belts, army-pocketed jackets, neon and nude camouflage slipdresses, and LV-stamped ombré-dyed denim looks with fringed edges.
Firstly, when we see the collection, we think about groves, forests and warm colours. Have you noticed that these warm colours are all from the Atumn season? Brown, violet, grey, etc.. And let's not forget that this was the very first time ever that LE used the complexity of the "fur" ideia. And we can see that by the Louis Vuitton Fur keychans and the phenomenal and sophisticated high knee boots.

The animal attitude and discipline of this LE collection rules over all other StarPlaza brands. These unique pieces make all LE addicted completely crazy; when we look at them we just want to buy all of them so badly! From head to toes, all the outfits we can see in the store are just fabulous. The originality of the collection makes any girl looking like the DIVA OF THE SEASON.

What I love about the concept of the ideia of LE, is wearing designer labels clothes. Here we have Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, and many others. Stardoll made an incredible well done job on the recreations of these clothes! I must admit it, we have here tons of must have pieces. The socks, the shorts, the scarves, almost everything! I'm telling you fashionistas, you will look stunning with this brand new collection of LE.

Once again, Stardoll impressed us with the exquisite and unique, LIMITED EDITION store. Now, see below the real pics from the catwalk shows:

 Louis Vuitton Fur Keychans

Yves Saint Laurent Shoes

Yves Saint Laurent Scarf

Yves Saint Laurent Gloves

Topshop Unique Animal Hats and Socks

Thakoon Boots

Alexander Wang Skirt

J. Mendel Gloves

Alexander Wang Skirt

Miu Miu Trousers

I couldn't be more excited about this. I have no words to describe the beauty and the beautiful ideia of the "party animal" nature in this collection, it represents a big strengh and personality for a women's body. Don't you think this collection was so uprising and natural?

Make a outfit with your LE clothes (from this season), take a print-screen and send it here in comments! The best dressed will appear here in the next article!

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Women's Denim Shorts - Summer & Autumn 2010 Essential

Cut-Offs For This Season and Next

For those of you who are lucky enough to still have their summer holiday to look forward to this month I thought I would remind you that there is definitely an essential purchase you should not forget to pack... your denim shorts! What is that you say... You haven't got a pair? Well now is time to invest sister! This year, denim has made a MASSIVE comeback in women's fashion. Already in 2010 I have featured a whole variety of denim trends, such as the double denim look, denim jackets, denim shirts, acid wash denim, denim effect jeggins/leggins, torn/destroyed denim and so many more. It has definitely been revitalised and now I'm going to showcase the latest take in the revolution.

Denim shorts have generally always been a stapple piece for our summer wardrobe here at Stardoll's Women Fashion Blog, but this year the variety has gone through the roof. There are multiple shades instead of the standard blue stone wash; with greys and blacks adding a modern take and slightly more chic look to your summer wardrobe. We can also find waisted cuts, pleated chambray/cotton effect varieties, destroyed detailing such as rips/frayed edges (building on the very popular jeans style early this year) and also a huge amount of detailing with everything from studs to gold buttons added to create unique pieces.

This Season

Obviously if you are looking for a pair of denim shorts to take on your summer holidays I recommend picking up a pair of light blue stone wash or white denim shorts. They both match nearly every item in your wardrobe, do not attract heat and make you feel uncomfortable in hot climates and they both perfectly hit that nautical or French Riviera look which is massive this Spring/Summer. Pair with your bikini underneath for a day at the beach or dress it up with a shirt or sexy top and gladiators for a night out.

Into Autumn

Just because the sun stops shining, it doesn't mean you can't still wear your shorts. You just have to pick how and when you break them out and accompany them with different surrounding pieces. I LOVE the darker shades for the cooler months such as grey, indigo and black tones. There is going to be a move back to simple minimalist style this Autumn/Winter, with classic timeless colours and not as much fuss. So you can pair these shorts with sharp white shirts and tailored blazers. Remeber to add some leggins underneath to battle the colder temperatures and you have a classic and chic city look which can work just as well at night as it does in the day.

sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

Get The Look - Sex and The City


When I sat down to watch the trailer for the much awaited second instalment of Sex and The City, I was blown away and if I may say s-excited! The foursome of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nyxon breathe a whole new life into the characters Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda as they travel to exotic Dubai to spice up what have become stressful and mundane lives.

The first movie had 300 costume changes in 148 minutes - that's two costume changes every minute! So who knows what's in store for us in this amazing movie, and I'm starting to worry that Patricia Fields' brilliant styling will leave me wanting more. Now that we all know that the fashion is going to be fantastic and fabulous, so what we really want to know how to make these gorgeous outfits work for us. So here's a rundown of each character's style and some key pieces to pull off their look!

Carrie Bradshaw

If Parisian chic and romanticism had a love child, it would be Carrie's style. The fashion heroine of the twentieth-century, Carrie's style is the definition of Fashion. You can find haute couture pieces, kitschy vintage frocks and modern everyday wear stashed in her wardrobe, all just next to her famous Blahniks. Carrie's style is eclectic, quirky and very fashion forward, so inject bold colours, statement pieces and jewellery into your wardrobe. Don't forget a matching pair of stilettos to go with your outfit - Carrie doesn't wear anything else on her feet!

Samantha Jones

Samantha's high-flying job demands outfits that are appropriate yet fashionable. So she chooses body-accentuating suits in bold colours which matching heels and bags. But come night time, she dons sexy standout ensembles that show off her svelte figure and personality. If you don't want to invest in two separate day-and-night wardrobes, choose sleekpants, draped tops, and tailored wrap dresses that is both appropriate for work and that dinner time.

Charlotte York

Charlotte's wardrobe consists of pieces that are classic and reflect her feminine charm. Appreciate her style by choosing pastel pieces, blouses and skirts coordinated with timeless accessories like diamond earrings or a pearl necklace. Try choosing pieces with elegant shapes like shift dresses, pencil skirts and peacoats. Infuse delicate details like lace, ruffles, bows or embroidery to simple outfits to bring out your girlish side!

Miranda Hobbes

Miranda chooses smart classic business attire like skirt, suits and trousers for her daytime lawyerly look but always manages to look fashionable and chic with subtle touches, large and structured bags, statement blouses and practical yet stylish heels. Thought she tends toward casual and athletic wear on her days off, you can count on her to spice up her look with sexy slip dresses with geometric designs and funky accessories, such as chunky bangles and jewelled necklaces.

sexta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2010

Women's Crochet Fashion Trend

Slimline Your Knitwear

Everyone is wearing Crochet this season, especially celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian and Jameela Jamil. This is probably thanks to designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Chanel, Pucci, Rodarte, Nicole Ritchie (Winter Kate) and Bec and Bridge, for putting Crochet on their recent catwalks. It shouldn't come as a surprise really; Crochet was bound to make an appearence soon after lace and knit wear took over the style waves last A/W. You could say Crochet is less daring, less revealing older sister to lace but the younger, slimmer sister to knit wear - which makes it perfect for this in-between 'not sure about going out in just this vest top weather'.

Those with the less focused fashion eye could easily confuse all three as the same thing, but the truth is they are all worn in different ways. There aren't too many rules to apply when wearing crochet but the best way is to keep it simple. It's more often worn as casual day time wear, although on occasion a crochet dress worn with heels and accessorised appropriately can be worn for the evening. Some of the easier items to wear include handbags, headbands, scarves, jewellery, waistcoats and not forgetting Ugg boots (makes winter worthwile) - which are all good pieces to just throw on to complete a simple outfit.

A crochet bikini is the perfect thing to lay beside the pool in this summer and can also be worn as a bodice, teamed with a pair of shorts (denim or otherwise). When wearing crochet waistcoats it is important not to wear it with a top that has any layering, frills or other conflicting fabrics on it. Keep the rest of the outfit uncomplicated. Also try to keep it tune with the feel of crochet, for example do not wear your nice cream crochet dress with your pink Nike hi-tops. Try to stay away from crochet flat pumps - that is of course unless you are a trendy ninety-nine year old. And do not team an oversized crochet jumper with odd looking baggy trousers and your gym trainers, because well, to put it simply, you'll be mistaken for a homeless person.

So, if you found lace a bit perilous to wear and thought knit wear was too frumpy, get inspired by a look I made with my doll and let the fashionista inside you take care of the work!

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Women's Spring Fashion Trend - Candy Girl

Hello folks! I had to do an article about the new Fashion Trend which is being used by so many designers labels such as Viktor & Rolf, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Versace and many more. Please click on the image to read the introduction of the article! I hope you'll enjoy :)

(Click on the picture)

More coming soon!

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Women's Footwear Trend - Clogs

Hello everyone! I'm so, so, so, so sorry for all of you! I haven't been posting here for AGES because of school, tests, private life, etc.. I never wanted to give up of "Women Fashion Blog", if I promised, I'll respect it! I took two days to write this article about the brand new Clogs trend! You can see them everywhere: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Prada, Gucci, ...

Take a look at this new phenomenal footwear trend and tell me what do you think in comments!
I hope you'll enjoy!

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