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Women's Fashion Trend - Leopard Print Coats

Classy not Brassy!
Leopard print is always in fashion whether it’s a item of clothing or an accessory and personally I wear the odd bit of leopard print all year round, but at the moment the must have leopard print trend is in the form of a vintage coat.

The new collections in our favourite stores on the high street heavily feature the leopard print coat and it seems to be pretty popular with our favourite celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Mary-Kate Olsen. See pictures above for just how big this has taken off with the fashionista’s.

Leopard Print is a love it or hate it trend an understandably you might hear the words ‘leopard print’ and automatically think ‘Bet Lynch’ but this is so not the case! After reading this I’ll having you thinking more along the lines of classy not brassy!

Leopard prints are no longer considered trashy, as proved by our celebrity fashionistas, and the print coats are a perfect and chic way to keep warm through winter. However, like most trends there’s a trick to pulling off the leopard print coat trend so listen up…

Shorter girls should go for cropped coats or thigh length versions while taller girls can go all out in a maxi length coat if they wish!

As leopard print is such a bold trend I would stay clear of wearing it at the same time as any of the other major detailing trends i.e. lace, sequins etc. Now this would be brassy!

Remember to keep it simple and wear with jeans or leggings in the day, but go wild on a night out and wear it with your favourite LBD. Try accessorising yours with a red or black belt to add instant glamour, show off your waist and give it a better shape.

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