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Top 6 Women’s Winter Boots

These Boots Are Made For Walking
Boots are always a hot trend for winter and the perfect way for us to make a fashion statement and survive the cold!
Lets face it if we didn’t have our boots on our feet wouldn’t survive! Boots are big! Not only do they look great but they also allow us to change our look and update our wardrobe instantly. Add a pair of winter boots and tights to pretty summer dress for an instant update… perfect! Whether you want to be stylish and sophisticated or sexy and serious or just casual and comfy, your winter boots will help you do it.

When it comes to winter boots there are literally hundreds of styles available, from stylish shoes boots to sophisticated over the knee boots, from leather to sheepskin, from laces to zips, but whatever your style you are sure to find a winter boot to suit!
If you want to look like you’ve walked straight off the catwalk wear an over the knee boot, these are all over the catwalks at the moment like Vivienne Westwood and Prada:

Apart from the over the knee boots the other trends to look out for are shoe boots, ankle boots, lace up boots and buckled, belted and studded boots (these have become a trend of there own!) And of course the beloved UGG boot, although every season a prediction is made that the UGG will be ditched, it is still here and as popular as ever before.
All styles can be worn flat or heeled (except the UGG of course!) And all styles can be worn with a dress, leggings, jeans or skirts so whatever your style the winter boot will be sure to add an edge to your look.
To start you off I have picked out my top 6 boots.

As you can see, there are lots of stylish boots in RIO. RIO and Bisou are my favourite stores to buy original and fashionable shoes!
We are now so close from winter... So why don't we go buy some winter boots to be always fashionable at Stardoll? Be the first one!

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