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Women’s Party Fashion Trend – Velvet

Recently I have seen a lot more velvet clothing available within the latest women’s collections. It is going to be a key trend this winter, especially in the whole party season scene. The men are getting right into this trend at the moment, with everything from Blazers, to linings and footwear featuring this luxurious fabric. The women are never left behind though, so we are seeing some beautiful dresses, jackets, footwear and accessories released just in time for your big night.

Velvet is just an amazing fabric, it exudes extravagance and class, which is just what you need for a formal event or the office party. It can be show stopping especially if you pick a statement piece like a velvet dress or play suit for an edgier twist. The fabric becomes a true focal point to your outfit, and it means that you can then tone down the rest using killer black heels, and clutch purse for a look that is pure chic, but totally sexy at the same time.
If you are not confident enough to pick out full velvet clothing, you can get some amazing mixed velvet items that are teamed with more subtle fabrics as well as clothing that just has velvet detailing or lining. A perfect way to get in on the trend without being over the top. The other great benefit to velvet is that is adds amazing texture to any outfit. It will definitely make you stand out in comparison to all the other LBD’s and with feathers, faux fur, studs and other detailing being the major trends this year, we can see that it is all about texture in order to create great outfits.

So take a look below at some of the best velvet items I have found this season.

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