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Women's Denim Shorts - Summer & Autumn 2010 Essential

Cut-Offs For This Season and Next

For those of you who are lucky enough to still have their summer holiday to look forward to this month I thought I would remind you that there is definitely an essential purchase you should not forget to pack... your denim shorts! What is that you say... You haven't got a pair? Well now is time to invest sister! This year, denim has made a MASSIVE comeback in women's fashion. Already in 2010 I have featured a whole variety of denim trends, such as the double denim look, denim jackets, denim shirts, acid wash denim, denim effect jeggins/leggins, torn/destroyed denim and so many more. It has definitely been revitalised and now I'm going to showcase the latest take in the revolution.

Denim shorts have generally always been a stapple piece for our summer wardrobe here at Stardoll's Women Fashion Blog, but this year the variety has gone through the roof. There are multiple shades instead of the standard blue stone wash; with greys and blacks adding a modern take and slightly more chic look to your summer wardrobe. We can also find waisted cuts, pleated chambray/cotton effect varieties, destroyed detailing such as rips/frayed edges (building on the very popular jeans style early this year) and also a huge amount of detailing with everything from studs to gold buttons added to create unique pieces.

This Season

Obviously if you are looking for a pair of denim shorts to take on your summer holidays I recommend picking up a pair of light blue stone wash or white denim shorts. They both match nearly every item in your wardrobe, do not attract heat and make you feel uncomfortable in hot climates and they both perfectly hit that nautical or French Riviera look which is massive this Spring/Summer. Pair with your bikini underneath for a day at the beach or dress it up with a shirt or sexy top and gladiators for a night out.

Into Autumn

Just because the sun stops shining, it doesn't mean you can't still wear your shorts. You just have to pick how and when you break them out and accompany them with different surrounding pieces. I LOVE the darker shades for the cooler months such as grey, indigo and black tones. There is going to be a move back to simple minimalist style this Autumn/Winter, with classic timeless colours and not as much fuss. So you can pair these shorts with sharp white shirts and tailored blazers. Remeber to add some leggins underneath to battle the colder temperatures and you have a classic and chic city look which can work just as well at night as it does in the day.

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