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New LE Fall 2010 Store!

Everything started with EXCLUSIVE NEWS from Stardoll Royalty club, LE NEWS!

The brand new collection of LIMITED EDITION has arrived and milions of Stardoll Members had been waiting for this amazing season of the year. The collection is absolutely fabulous and it is totally different from the others previous collections of LE; brocade cycling shorts, pleated kilt-cum-belts, army-pocketed jackets, neon and nude camouflage slipdresses, and LV-stamped ombré-dyed denim looks with fringed edges.
Firstly, when we see the collection, we think about groves, forests and warm colours. Have you noticed that these warm colours are all from the Atumn season? Brown, violet, grey, etc.. And let's not forget that this was the very first time ever that LE used the complexity of the "fur" ideia. And we can see that by the Louis Vuitton Fur keychans and the phenomenal and sophisticated high knee boots.

The animal attitude and discipline of this LE collection rules over all other StarPlaza brands. These unique pieces make all LE addicted completely crazy; when we look at them we just want to buy all of them so badly! From head to toes, all the outfits we can see in the store are just fabulous. The originality of the collection makes any girl looking like the DIVA OF THE SEASON.

What I love about the concept of the ideia of LE, is wearing designer labels clothes. Here we have Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, and many others. Stardoll made an incredible well done job on the recreations of these clothes! I must admit it, we have here tons of must have pieces. The socks, the shorts, the scarves, almost everything! I'm telling you fashionistas, you will look stunning with this brand new collection of LE.

Once again, Stardoll impressed us with the exquisite and unique, LIMITED EDITION store. Now, see below the real pics from the catwalk shows:

 Louis Vuitton Fur Keychans

Yves Saint Laurent Shoes

Yves Saint Laurent Scarf

Yves Saint Laurent Gloves

Topshop Unique Animal Hats and Socks

Thakoon Boots

Alexander Wang Skirt

J. Mendel Gloves

Alexander Wang Skirt

Miu Miu Trousers

I couldn't be more excited about this. I have no words to describe the beauty and the beautiful ideia of the "party animal" nature in this collection, it represents a big strengh and personality for a women's body. Don't you think this collection was so uprising and natural?

Make a outfit with your LE clothes (from this season), take a print-screen and send it here in comments! The best dressed will appear here in the next article!

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