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Fashion Trend - Sequin Detailing

Hello everyone, I decided to talk about these Fashionable Sequins dresses because they are so feminine and sparkling! See some celebrities wearing some stylish Sequins:

I have seen multiple high profile celebrities wearing and totally rocking one of Autumn/Winter’s biggest trends over the last couple of weeks – SEQUINS! Yes, they started off very strong throughout the Spring/Summer season’s this year, and they seem to be gathering even more steam now. Embellishment has been strong all year and I have done stories on bejewelled, lace and stud detailing already.
Sequins is the latest and great form of embellishment for your outfits in the coming season. They are eye-catching, feminine and totally sexy – they will add glamour to any day or night outfit. Whether you are looking for all over sequins or just a hint of detailing within your clothing, you will find all styles available at the moment. I'm going to showcase below a collection of some of the best sequin garments I have found from the new releases so you can be as eye catching as possible going forward.
So let’s take a look at some razzle dazzle!

Where can I find Sequin Detailing dresses?

You can find the blue phenomenal Sequined Bodycon Dress at BISOU in StarPlaza. It's only 8$!

If you take a look at RIO and VOILE stores in StarPlaza, there are the most greatest Sequins Dresses in the whole Stardoll World. Let's take a look on Balmain Inspired dress, Single Shoulder dress and Sequined Cowlneck Cocktail dress.

That's all I got about these beautiful Sequins! Please Follow us!

XO MissCunha

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