quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2009

Women's Fashion Essential - The Cross Body Bag

The cross body bag has been building up steam all year within women’s fashion circles and now it is THE MUST HAVE bag for the Autumn/Winter season. It has become the fashion elite’s first choice accessory and for good reason – every woman knows that the right purse or bag can make and break an outfit subtly. However, on a long day’s shopping trip or those times when it seems like you are non-stop, it becomes an effort to carry even the smallest bag unless you are built like Madonna – and no-one wants those body builder arms/shoulders do they?!

This cross body style has always been present with the whole Bohemian trend, where fashionista’s used to rock the large over the shoulder bags to go with their floaty dresses and headbands. This year though it is all about the glamour and chic with compact small cross body bags which are perfect for throwing on and then not causing you pain for the rest of the day! They are so comfy in fact that I like to think of them more as part of your outfit that you WEAR rather than just an accessory.

So we all need to invest in one of these great little accessories this year. We recommend getting a great leather option in a smaller size, because it will look amazing and serve you well all Autumn/Winter without giving you the feeling that your shoulder is about to drop off! How about matching a beautiful red dress with great black statement heels, belt and black cross body bag for this year’s hottest colour combination.

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  1. Very Well managed, Well Informed , Very hard Work Involved In it i really Appreciate it

  2. Very Well managed, Well Informed , Very hard Work Involved In it i really Appreciate it


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