domingo, 20 de setembro de 2009

Steal Her Style: Elle MacPherson

Elle MacPherson is one of my biggest role models. We all want to steal her style!
This post I made is inspired by Elle MacPherson as you can see below:
Can anyone in the world believe that Elle Macpherson is 46 years old?!?!? She always looks AMAZING and she has been that way since she was know as “the body” back in the 90’s. She has graced the cover of the illustrious Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition a ridiculous 5 times, and is worth an estimated $60 million! Definitely a style icon and someone all women should look up to in terms of business savvy as well.

Today I'm going to take some of this amazing style and steal it for ourselves. Elle can afford all the designer clothes she could ever want, but we love how she stays down to earth and rocks a mix of high street and designer to create a fab look. In the main image above you can see a great look Elle rocked whilst in London and it is perfect for the rest of this season and right into Autumn/Winter.

The plaid or checked shirt should again be massive within women’s fashion this Autumn/Winter, and I have seen some great new releases already. The way Elle wears it open suggests a casual look, but the shirt itself really adds some sharpness to the overall feel. Add some true glam with nice fitted skinny jeans and the statement black over the shoulder bag. Quality cowboy boots are a must as it keeps the whole Western vibe going and also adds some glamour. Turn your jeans up slightly to really show off these gorgeous boots below! Finish with the graphic tee layered underneath the shirt and a nice oversized pair of sunglasses to give you that model/actress aura.

I'm still working on Elle MacPherson's stylish outfits in Stardoll, so you can be the next Glam Rock Superstar before your friends!

Coming Soon.

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