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Women's Checked/Plaid Shirts

The Checked/Plaid Shirts have become the Stylist Usual and Comfortable shirts for the 1st time ever in the World of Fashion. Everyone can use it and you can find some very sophisticated shirts at all kind of stores! Even in BISOU, or in Pretty in Pink.

Today we're going to be concentrating on one of my favourite looks for this Autumn/Winter. The check or plaid shirt has been around a lot recently and I have seen some amazing examples within the recent collections. Many celebrities have been spotted in them, from Elle McPherson, to Jessica Biel and Rihanna. It seems to be THE big casual outfit for the coming season, and we think it comes across as an effortless style.
You can dress up the shirt in so many ways. My favourites would be to go down the traditional route with sexy skinny jeans, cowboy boots and graphic tee layered underneath. This would really play on the Western trend and give a great contrast of styles between top and bottom half. The other way would be to oversize your shirt to play onthe “boyfriend” vibe, and wear it as a makeshift dress with leggings and belt gathering the shirt together in all the right places. Either way, these are 2 totally different looks, but both perfect for the Autumn/Winter season.
Check out some of the best check and plaid shirts I have found below…

Just like I said before, you can find these kind of shirts in StarPlaza. The only store where these shirts are avaiable is BISOU. Check this out!

Yup, here they are! Aren't they so cute? I love these shirts and if you're American go to Abercrombie & Fitch. There are very sophisticated Plaid and Checked shirts which you can use them in day/night!

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  1. wow i think it has the same look
    stardoll is making clothes like real ones thats
    really amazig!!
    (i have the fiirst commnent WOW!!)

  2. Plaid is definitely popular - Nice price on the shirts


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