terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2009

Women's Fashion Trend - Treggins!

Yes, I have a new trend for Autumn which will only gather momentum as the weather gets colder. Treggings are named as such because they are basically a cross between traditional leggings and trousers! Sounds weird!? Well, they are right on trend and look great when dressed up correctly. What makes them a cross is the fact that the trousers are super skinny and normally have an elasticated waist like traditional leggings – Although the fit is cut slightly more along the natural leg line as well instead of just clinging to every part of your body.

These treggings are great because they are bang on the skinny fit trend but are also so warm and comfortable for the new season. I have showcased below a collection of brand new release Treggings as well as a great way to dress up a plain black pair perfectly. As you can see in the main image, these are a massive hit with the Hollywood Starlets and L.A. crowd.

I have featured some great black versions which are a great place to start for those that are less confident in their own body. Plus it is a timeless colour that looks great with anything you throw on with it. Remember that Black IS the new Black this year. I have also included some versions with sequins, zips and even a gold colourway – so get a pair today!

How to Rock the Treggins

I recommend wearing treggings with an oversized top and leg lengthening heels. The nude heels below are perfect for adding length to your look, and especially great for shorter leg lengths. The other items below will make a really simple statement outfit that can’t help to get you noticed. Right on the power dressing trend too.

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