sábado, 19 de setembro de 2009

Warrior Godess Look-A-Like

Today I thought I would put together a few items that are great for Autumn/Winter and are still PERFECT for hot days now in the Europe and America or when you go away to sunny paradises. The Warrior Goddess is exactly as it sounds – a totally FIERCE look put together from all the latest major fashion trends.
When you think of a warrior then Gladiator sandals must jump out at you. This is what makes the outfit so fierce – sandals, chains and chunky accessories add some weight to the look, whilst your attitude should be about wearing the outfit with confidence KNOWING you look great. The Goddess side comes from picking items that are floaty, feminine and make use of all the latest pleat, ruffles and Grecian trends. This gives your figure that beautiful womanly shape, but your attitude shows that although you are gorgeous… you know it and can’t be messed with!

Check the photo out above for just how killer this look is, and then dive into the main post for all the picks to really get this look down!

I love this style. It's so unique! And you can be the next Fashion Godess on Stardoll! I've just made the complete tour on StarPlaza to have the 7 Warrior Godess' MUST-HAVES!

White Godess Dress, RIO - 8$

Madonna Wardware Dress, Fallen Angel - 9$

Laced Sandals, RIO - 4$

Bangles, RIO - 3$

Waist Belt, RIO - 4$

Gold Sandals, VOILE archive - 5$

Golden Shoes, Stardoll archive - 5$

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